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Monshat et al. [Journal of Adolescent Health] qualitatively analyzed focus group responses and individual interviews from 8 young people (aged 16- 24) who completed a 6-week mindfulness training. Three of the participants had past diagnoses of depression, but none were currently depressed. Group and individual transcripts were coded and analyzed using grounded theory – a method in which theory emerges from the data rather than preceding it.

Over the course of the training, participants went from an initial phase of distress and reactivity to a phase of stability marked by relaxation and increased conscious control. The youth finally progressed to a third “insight” phase characterized by clarity of mind, competence, and confidence in which mindfulness became a “mindset” rather than merely a “technique.”


Monshat, K., Khong, B., Hassed, C., Vella-Brodrick, D., Norrish, J., Burns, J., & Herrman, H. (2012). A conscious control over life and my emotions:” Mindfulness practice and healthy young people. A qualitative study. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52(5):572-7. [PMID: 23298987]

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