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The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) seeks sponsors/donors for its Professional Development Awards. AMRA has established its Professional Development Awards program to foster career development of promising individuals involved in mindfulness research and/or teaching. AMRA’s mission is to promote best research and teaching practices and maintain the highest ethical standards in basic and applied mindfulness research and in the teaching and training of mindfulness-based services.

As part of this mission, AMRA offers annual awards to recognize and support the early career development of promising mindfulness researchers and teachers. In 2014, AMRA presented $500 merit-based awards to Eric Lopez Maya for developing mindfulness training in Mexico for Spanish-speakers, and to Ph.D. student Gillian O’Reilly in Los Angeles for her research on mindfulness for preventing obesity-related eating behaviors in adolescents. AMRA is now accepting applications for its 2015 award cycle and plans to expand its offerings to additional candidates.

“Interest in mindfulness is growing rapidly in the United States and around the globe. In the midst of this ubiquitous growth, it is imperative that mindfulness research, teaching, and training retain their rigor, precision, and integrity,” stated Dr. David Black, AMRA’s Director. “This award contributes to supporting committed individuals who have demonstrated the capacity for strengthening the field.”

Mindfulness practice is an important approach for those who struggle with pain, stress, depression, and other forms of human suffering. The practical implications of mindfulness research are finding their way into increasingly diverse settings, including hospitals, public schools, universities, competitive sports teams, prisons, and businesses.

AMRA continues to foster research that deepens our fundamental knowledge of the domain of mindfulness while looking forward to discover new frontiers for its application. Continued efforts are needed to promote excellence in teaching and develop the means to extend the reach of mindfulness to underserved populations. We can only accomplish this objective by cultivating the success of emerging leaders in the field.

“The AMRA award helped facilitate the qualitative research I’m conducting as part of my dissertation in monitoring weight-related behaviors. Being able to conduct this research inspired one of the directions I am pursuing as an early career researcher in designing interventions targeting mindfulness and self-monitoring to improve dietary intake and eating behaviors in people with overweight and obesity,” said 2014 Professional Development Award winner Gillian O’Reilly.

According to 2014 award winner Eric Lopez Maya, the AMRA Professional Development Award enabled him “to move forward in doing mindfulness-based research and interventions in Mexico City and teaching classes in Spanish.” “The recognition received inspires me to move forward in my work as a mindfulness teacher.”

Any individual person or organization interested in contributing funds to the development of the mindfulness science and practice can become a sponsor of the Professional Development Awards. Donations can be made to the Professional Development Awards program through AMRA’s website ( or by mail (address below). Sponsors names may be listed (if desired) in AMRA’s monthly newsletter in appreciation and recognition of their generosity.

AMRA serves the professional mindfulness community through its web-based resources, research database, monthly bulletin (over 10,000 subscribers), professional development, co-sponsorship of conferences and events, research and practice advisory committees, and grant making.

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