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We provide a scientific database of academic publication references on mindfulness from a contemplative psychology and practice perspective. The AMRA Library warehouses this compendium of references that can be downloaded for personal use with your reference management program such as Endnote. File types provided include “.xml” for Endnote users and “.rtf” for viewing and editing without the need for a software program. The database can be accessed by AMRA members only. AMRA does not provide assistance with reference programs. Tutorials for reference management software programs can be found online.

Figure 1. Mindfulness journal publications by year, 1980-2018

This image is free for reuse and reprint for research and teaching purposes but modifications to the image are not allowed. Data obtained from an ISI Web of Science search of the term “mindfulness” in academic journal article titles.

Scientific Bulletin – Mindfulness Research Monthly

We provide access to a highly popular bulletin which serves to inform mindfulness research and practice. The Mindfulness Research Monthly, in publication since 2010, is the monthly research bulletin of the American Mindfulness Research Association. This publication provides a comprehensive collection of new research in the field in an effort to build awareness of and inform the latest scientific advances in mindfulness, and to gain new insights regarding the effects of mindfulness practice. Since its inaugural issue, archives to Mindfulness Research Monthly remain free as a service to the public.

Reviews and Meta-Analyses

We provide access to a list of selected publicly available research reviews and meta-analyses that report on the evidence base for mindfulness research and practice.

Measurement Tools

We provide access to a list of scales that are used to measure mindfulness. Examples of measurement scales include the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) and the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ).

Find a Program

We provide access to a list of formalized programs in the United States and internationally that conduct mindfulness research and/or have an ongoing mindfulness teacher training program.

Grant Giving

AMRA recognizes and supports the early career development of promising mindfulness researchers and teachers. The AMRA Professional Development Award provides merit-based awards in the amount of $500 to eligible individuals in an effort to recognize and support advancements in mindfulness research and practice.

Popular Press

We track and post current popular press stories from major news outlets in a blog format.