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The Mindfulness Podcast with Dr. David Black

Join Dr. David Black, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Founding Director of the American Mindfulness Research Association, discuss the research and practice of mindfulness meditation with leading experts in the field. He sets out to uncover the clinical utility of mindfulness practice, explore its use among diverse populations, review the novelty of new research methods applied in the field, and expand its investigation across scientific disciplines. 

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Episode 37: Adherence to the DASH hypertensive diet
Released Jan 30, 2024

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I am joined by Eric Loucks, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health and Director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. His research focuses on human aging and health, with an emphasis on adapting and testing the efficacy of mindfulness programs. He wrote a book called The Mindful College Student, released in 2022. We discuss his recent clinical trial that tests an adapted mindfulness program to support adherence to the DASH diet for hypertension management.

Materials discussed:

Loucks, E. B., Kronish, I. M., Saadeh, F. B., Scarpaci, M. M., Proulx, J. A., Gutman, R., ... & Schuman-Olivier, Z. (2023). Adapted Mindfulness Training for Interoception and Adherence to the DASH Diet: A Phase 2 Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open.

Loucks, E. B., Schuman‐Olivier, Z., Saadeh, F. B., Scarpaci, M. M., Nardi, W. R., Proulx, J. A., ... & Kronish, I. M. (2023). Effect of Adapted Mindfulness Training in Participants With Elevated Office Blood Pressure: The MB‐BP Study: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Journal of the American Heart Association.

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