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Informing mindfulness research and practice.


Posted Sep 20, 2022

Differing regions of the human brain work in tandem to form large-scale integrated brain networks. Three large-scale brain region networks organize much of human brain activity: the Central Executive Network (CEN), the Salience Network (SN), and the...

Posted Sep 13, 2022

Does mindfulness practice increase altruism? Research suggests the answer is mixed. For example, mindfulness practice is shown to increase altruistic behavior among people who have a strong predisposition to altruism but decrease it when...

Posted Aug 24, 2022

Adolescents and young adults are more likely to newly acquire HIV infections than other age groups. This young cohort is also less likely to access medical care, adhere to antiretroviral therapy, or achieve viral suppression...

Welcome to AMRA!

The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) was founded in 2013. The Mindfulness Research Monthly scientific bulletin has been in circulation since 2009. Our mission is to support empirical and conceptual efforts to establish an evidence base for the process, practice, and construct of mindfulness; promote best evidence-based standards for the use of mindfulness research and its applications; facilitate professional development through grant giving; and disseminate newly gained knowledge to the public.

AMRA serves as a professional resource to the sciences and humanities, practice communities, and the broader public on mindfulness from the perspective of contemplative practice.

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To increase awareness of and inform the latest advances in mindfulness research.

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Recommended Readings for our Community

September 2022 article references added to the AMRA library. Members have full access to the AMRA reference library spanning 1960-2022. Online article access is controlled solely by journal publishers and open access policies and is not controlled by AMRA.

  • Cai, Z.-Z., Lin, R., Wang, X.-X., Yan, Y.-J., & Li, H. (2022). Effects of mindfulness in patients with mild cognitive impairment with insomnia: A double-blind randomized controlled trial. Geriatric Nursing.
  • Hehr, A., Iadipaolo, A. S., Morales, A., Cohen, C., Taub, J. W., Harper, F. W. K., Goldberg, E., Bluth, M. H., Rabinak, C. A., & Marusak, H. A. (2022). Meditation reduces brain activity in the default mode network in children with active cancer and survivors. Pediatric Blood & Cancer.
  • Jones, S. M. W., Sherman, K. J., Bermet, Z., Palazzo, L. G., & Lewis, C. C. (2022). An experimental study to inform adoption of mindfulness-based stress reduction in chronic low back pain. Implementation Science Communications.
  • Lubbers, J., Geurts, D., Hanssen, I., Huijbers, M., Spijker, J., Speckens, A., & Cladder-Micus, M. (2022). The effect of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on rumination and a task-based measure of intrusive thoughts in patients with bipolar disorder. International Journal of Bipolar Disorders.
  • Taylor, H., Cavanagh, K., Field, A. P., & Strauss, C. (2022). Health Care Workers’ Need for Headspace: Findings From a Multisite Definitive Randomized Controlled Trial of an Unguided Digital Mindfulness-Based Self-help App to Reduce Healthcare Worker Stress. JMIR MHealth and UHealth.

Early Career Scientist Award

Are you starting a career as a mindfulness researcher? AMRA supports promising scholars through the AMRA Early Career Scientist Award (ECSA) program. Eligible are AMRA members who are currently trainees in masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral programs or within their first two years of terminal degree and currently working at a research institute. The candidate must have one or more first author publications related to mindfulness, and show promise for future impact. Learn more about the program and previous award recipients.

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