Member Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the levels of AMRA membership?

Research Professional Member

To qualify as an AMRA Research Professional, applicants must have earned a doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D., D.O., PharmD, etc.) or a graduate degree (M.S., M.P.H., M.B.A., etc.) and are pursuing or conducting research on mindfulness. Membership is open to all countries.

Practice Professional Member

To qualify as an AMRA Practice Professional, applicants must be currently certified as a mindfulness meditation teacher/facilitator, or currently in training in a mindfulness certification/facilitator program. Membership is open to all countries.

Student Member

To qualify as an AMRA Student Member, applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time or part-time student at a university, college, or high school (at least 18+ years old). You will be asked to submit a pdf of your current class schedule that includes a current date. Membership is open to all countries.

Practice Trainee Member

To qualify as an AMRA Practice Trainee, applicants should have a personal mindfulness practice (1 or more hours per week). Membership is open to all countries.

Retired Member

To qualify as an AMRA Retired Member, applicants must be aged 65+ years old and no longer earning an income from a primary employment. Retired individuals also have the option to join the Professional Membership category, if eligible based on Professional Membership criteria. Membership is open to all countries.


Subscribers gain access to all current and archived issues of Mindfulness Research Monthly, the research bulletin of AMRA. Subscribers receive one email per month that connects them with the monthly.


Supporters make gifts/donations to support the AMRA mission and associated activities. Supporters are not formal members of AMRA, and thus do not have access to restricted member areas on the website. Both smaller and larger gifts are welcomed and greatly appreciated. For making substantially large gifts of over $1,000 USD, please contact us by email using our secure Contact Us page.

What are the benefits of AMRA membership?

Joining the AMRA Community

Join our effort and make a difference. Membership is open to individuals from ALL countries. Get involved in the work that matters to your profession. Become a member and enjoy the many benefits of membership, including opportunities to expand your expertise in mindfulness and develop professionally through learning about the latest research, being informed of the latest mindfulness articles and news, accessing the AMRA scientific database, receiving discounts to submit books to the AMRA catalogue, receiving event sponsorship, and professional networking at sponsored events and conferences. Join now>>

Access to AMRA Research Bulletin

Gain full access to Mindfulness Research Monthly. Build your knowledge on the science of mindfulness and keep it current while discovering the work of new colleagues in the field. Read more>>

Access to the AMRA Database

AMRA provides a comprehensive database of over 5,000 mindfulness references. Members have full access to download this database to support their own work and to keep pace with the rapid world of scientific publishing. Full access to article content depends solely on third party publishing rights, which is not under the control of AMRA. The database is updated monthly and can be downloaded by logging in to your Member account. Access database>>

Discount on Book Submissions

AMRA Professional Members receive a 5% rebate on book submissions. The AMRA book catalogue reachers our website visitors daily. Submit book>>

Access to Resource Depository

Identify leading reviews and analyses on mindfulness and review measurement scales. Locate common mindfulness measures and search mindfulness research/training programs on our interactive map. View Resources>>


Your AMRA membership places you in a community of mindfulness researchers, practitioners, and trainees. Keeping pace of the field with AMRA allows you to join the growing scientific discussion and make connections with collaborators in the field. The Find a Program page allows AMRA Members to post their agency address so users can identify research and practice programs from around the world. AMRA sponsors several mindfulness events and conferences with affiliate organizations throughout the year that provide opportunities for AMRA members to network. Sponsored events>>

Grant Opportunities

Research and Practice Professional Development grants are made available each year to early career professionals. Requests for applications are released each summer on the AMRA website. Grants>>

How much are AMRA dues?

AMRA Membership Dues

Membership dues for the American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA):

Research Professional member ($150 per year)

Practice Professional member ($150 per year)

Practice Trainee member ($95 per year)

Retired member ($85 per year)

Student member ($65 per year)

Subscriber ($25 per year)

Supporter (any amount)

How can I pay my membership dues?

Paying Membership Dues

Joining AMRA and paying membership dues is easy. The AMRA membership application forms can be (1) completed online and submitted on our website or (2) downloaded and mailed to the AMRA business address. AMRA accepts secured debit/credit card payments with Paypal. Providing your information on the AMRA website is safe. AMRA is a secured website with a SSL encryption certificate. For payment by mail with check/money order, an application form is provided. For more details about applying for membership, visit our Join/ Renew tab.

What is the membership year?

Membership Duration

All AMRA memberships expire after one full year. For example, if you become an AMRA member on March 1, 2017 then your membership expires on March 1, 2018.

How do I renew my membership?

Renew your AMRA membership

An automated reminder will be sent to the email listed on your account before your membership expires. We accept credit card payments made online and payments by check/ money order sent by mail to the AMRA business address.